Does Oral Piercing Have Any Negative Health Side Effects?

Thinking of getting an oral piercing?

I advise against it.

I made a previous post about this but I wanted to show how the piercing can affect the gums. If you notice, the gums have receded where the piercing is constantly rubbing against them. This exposed the root of the tooth. Gums do not grow back. This person certainly has sensitivity and the less tissue attachment that they have, the more they risk having mobility and tooth loss.

Imagine losing a tooth because of a piercing! This can happen in other areas of the mouth as well.

Don’t let this happen. Opt for another form of self expression or pierce an area that isn’t so sensitive.

Not only do piercings cause gum recession, you have a risk of infection from the bacteria that accumulates around the jewellery. Touching the piercing, or just sweating and not washing your face immediately brings a lot of harmful bacteria to the area. This can cause an infection and trust me when I say you don’t want to look at those pictures before lunch time.

Your mouth is connected to your body. All of the blood vessels that transport healthy blood around the circulatory system also have the capability to move bacteria to other areas of the body. Inflammatory sites have more blood rushed to the area in order to receive white blood cells that fight off infection. Piercings are a foreign body and the body will view it as an enemy. When you first get a piercing in the mouth, the body will try its hardest to fight that piercing off by inducing swelling. Bleeding, redness and pain will be symptoms that you experience.

Over time, these symptoms will reduce in severity. Piercings in the mouth are in areas that will be consistently exposed to foreign bacteria. The risk of infection is higher. The vascular tissue in the oral cavity will be quick to respond to the slightest infection.

This constant underlying inflammatory response will be taking away from your bodies ability to fight off other, more serious infections. In school we call this “fighting the big fight.”

Our goal to maintain optimal health should be to remove any source of infection to keep our immune systems in top shape. This is another reason why dental hygienists are so focused on oral hygiene. Many people overlook slight gingivitis but this is a sign that the body is using its precious resources to fight an infection in the mouth that is preventable with a simple daily oral care routine.

Therefore, as nice as oral piercings might look, they are not a great idea.

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