Welcome to the launch of the Team Dental Blog!

T Minus Zero… We have ignition and liftoff!

This project has been a long time in the making, and we are officially ready and very excited to get this off the ground! We all know what a blog is, but why create a dental blog?

The Team Dental Blog will provide a place for us to share ideas, thoughts, questions and answers about dentistry. Whose “us”? We are anyone with a voice and a concern for oral health.

Our collaborators encompass people from many walks of life, who will be writing something related to the mouth, the patient, and the dental field. We have dentists, hygienists, specialists, medical doctors, auxiliary staff, educators, industry representatives and more that will write about topics that they feel are important to share.

The blog will start with a few posts a week and working up in frequency. If you know anyone that would like to contribute, contact one of the administrators! You can sign up for alerts to read the posts as they come out. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please leave a comment and the contributor (or anyone else) will respond!

Since this is a collaborative, work in progress, let’s make this interactive so that it has the most benefit for all of us and our readers!

Welcome! Smile!


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