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Our network of health professionals was created to identify ideal patients for Dental Board Licensure examinations. Our clinicians conduct multiple screenings to ensure all examination criteria are met.

academy of general dentistry

Founded in 1952, AGD is the only professional association that exclusively represents the needs and interests of general dentists. AGD provides its more than 40,000 members with the resources, support and inspiration they need to deliver the best dental care and oral health education to the public.

AGD’s mission is to “advance general dentistry and oral health through quality continuing education and advocacy.” Through this mission, AGD member dentists are able to build their careers, grow their businesses and protect their profession.

american dental association

This American Dental Association video shows why 2017 was a year to celebrate! As ADA member dentists continue to raise the bar for the profession, we are proud to join you in celebrating our shared success. From developing new science to easing regulatory burdens on dentists, our extraordinary community of 161,000 dentists has never been stronger.

revive philly

Dr. Julia Gombar uses the most advanced treatment options and cosmetic non-surgical techniques to ensure the best possible results for her patients. With her wealth of experience and commitment to innovation, she is dedicated to her patient success and satisfaction.

We are professional lash stylists, educators, and suppliers of semi-permanent eyelash extensions. We focus on providing lash and brow services with the highest standards. We only use the highest quality materials for our products combined with over 15+ years of experience in the industry. Enhanced Beauty by Design creates custom lash looks to suit your face and your lifestyle.

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