Winter Oral Tips
Today marks the first snow of 2021- a heaping 3 inches already and climbing! Cozied up in my living room with my favorite blanket wrapped around me and a cup of hot cocoa on the table, I wanted to take a moment and talk about some winter oral tips.There is no reason to digress on your teeth health in 2021! So let’s start.
Cold Air
‘Tis the season for skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, snow tubing, and other snow related activities! But with that comes the cold. The cold air really affects our teeth’ they actually contract, or decrease in size, with the cold weather. See, our teeth have layers! The dentin, or middle layer, contracts faster than the outer enamel layer, which can cause much pain in the structure of your teeth!
Solutions: Toothpaste specially formulated for sensitive teeth or gargling with salt water.
Chapped Lips
Oh the number of chapstick tubes I have lost this winter. While I’m glad that my face mask covers my flaky lips, they’re still ever so a frustrating point of contention. Just remember, we moisturize from the inside out, so keep hydrated!
Solutions: a good lip salve with SPF+
Warm Drinks
The sweet swirls of milk mixed with sugar and marshmallows, making the perfect hot cocoa mug… mhmhmmmmmh! But the more I sip the more I realize how much damage I was actually doing to myself; the short term enjoyment is actually staining my teeth! Hot chocolate, much like other common winter drinks like coffee, wine, and tea have a chemical called chromogens which can discolor your teeth. Not only that but the bacteria and sugar lingering in that warm after taste bliss can actually create cavities.
Solutions: Switch to warm water with a dash of lemon juice instead! Also consider a straw, which bypasses your teeth and allows the liquid to travel straight down your throat.

An innate function our body biologically can actually, you guessed it, affect our teeth! We’ve all stood outside with our arms crossed, goosebumps rising, and teeth banging together, as if the harder we bang our teeth the warmer we’ll get! Unfortunately, this can cause cracks or breakage as the harder they hit.
Solutions: Dress warmly, try to stay out of the cold as much as possible, and keep aware of your shivers!
Now that you are armed with these tips you can venture forth into the cold day. And as always, consider our EverSmile® WhiteFoam™. Perfect for the cold sensitive teeth, all you have to do is pump the foam into your EverSmile OrthoChews aligners, place them in your mouth, and go! Fresh breath, crystal clear aligners, and white teeth.

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